Miracle Pets
  • Powder Blue Tang

  • Aquatic Plants

  • Cleaner Shrimp

  • Golden Butterfly

  • Swordtail

  • Golden Tuxedo

  • Monodactylus

Miracle Pets

Grouped under Fresh Water Ornamental Fish, Marine Ornamental Fish and, Brackish Water Fish we have many species on offer. We also offer Aquatic Plants. Through the years we have developed proven packing techniques to enhance the quality of our live fish. By adopting technology in our operational procedures we offer the highest quality ornamental fish that can be sourced from the region. We are equipped with Sri Lanka’s only state of the art fish quarantine and holding facility with over 1500 aquariums which can hold and quarantine over 200,000 live fresh water and marine fish at any given moment. The tanks are interconnected by biological plus mechanical filtration, fitted with UV, Protein Skimmers and Ozone Generators to optimize water quality for the live fishes.

Our services like our products are to delight the customer and savor in excellent public relations and sales service. This is evidenced by the myriad of clients who constantly repeat orders.

Miracle Pets

* We are equipped with Sri Lanka’s only state of the art ornamental fish warehouse and the only company to trust in technology and harness its true potential.

* Quality control from breeding, growing, quarantine and exports

* Fish are sourced from our own farm network which are maintained under strict quarantine and quality procedures

* Our entire process is functioning on proven procedures which are always followed with no exceptions

* Fish packed according to scientific methods and kept in temperature controlled cool rooms prior to export packing

* A well equipped laboratory helps us to maintain high quality standards

* Key innovator of fish husbandry and packing techniques

* Largest selection of fresh water and marine ornamental fish from Sri Lanka

* Speediest dispatch to any destination with a lead time of five days

* We treat our workers and staff as our “Internal Customers”

* Special offers and promotions throughout the year

* The most experience and knowledgeable staff

* The best price always


  EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY live ornamental fish.  
WIDEST SELECTION of ornamental fish.
LOWEST DOA dead on arrival percentage.
BEST PACKING quantity per box.
BEST FILL RATE on orders.
The BEST PRICE from Sri Lanka.
A DELIGHTED CUSTOMER who will always come back for more.
  To achieve a high growth in the industry by introducing new species, new packing techniques and followed by a competent service for maximum customer satisfaction  
To invest in our internal customers and stake holders achieving sustainable growth
To achieve the status of one stop shop for ornamental fishes
To achieve a “Zero Dead on Arrival” percentage
  To be a Supplier known for Superior Quality Ornamental Fish with Consistent Supplies and achieve the status of the Only One Stop Shop for Ornamental Fish in Sri Lanka