Miracle Pets
  • Powder Blue Tang

  • Aquatic Plants

  • Cleaner Shrimp

  • Golden Butterfly

  • Swordtail

  • Golden Tuxedo

  • Monodactylus

Miracle Pets
  Our Facility
Our export facility is conveniently located in Pannala, just 30 minutes from Sri Lanka’s international airport. Our products reach markets in the United States within 30 hours through rapid connections on airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines and consignments reach Europe the United Kingdom on Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates, and Qatar Airways swiftly and conveniently.
  Fresh Water Fish
We specialize in Live Bearers, Egg Layers and Sri Lankan wild caught fishers, and we are well renowned for our “Guppy’s” the world over.

Only the finest quality fish are harvested and brought from other breeding centers to our facility, exclusively for export purposes.

Our Freshwater Fish Quarantine Facility is compartmentalized to hold different species of fishes and is over 10,000 square feet in area. Fish are held and closely monitored for over a week prior to introducing them to the pack house.

  Fish House (Fresh Water and Marine Fish)
Our state-of-the-art Holding and Pack House is of 6,000 square feet, which enables a high level of quality control and fluidity in dispatch. The Warehouse consists of over 1500 aquariums which can hold and quarantine over 200,000 live fresh water and marine fishes at any given moment. The tanks are interconnected by biological plus mechanical filtration, fitted with UV, Protein Skimmers and Ozone generators to optimize water quality for the live fish. This adds value to our product and provides the widest selection for our customers in excellent quality. Fish are pre-packed in a temperature controlled holding unit, 48 hours prior to shipping. We are the first company in Sri Lanka to have a fully equipped warehouse facility of this magnitude for holding and packing freshwater fish and marine fish.
  Marine Fish
Our marine fish holding facility can accommodate Marine Fish, Shrimp and other invertebrates separately.

Being eco-friendly, we insist that all fish are “net-caught” and their habitats preserved. We also ensure a good fill rate with a strong supply source from the many diving teams scattered all around the coastal belt, plus regular imports from the Maldives Islands to augment the balance.

We are in the process of introducing tank bread marine pets in the near future, especially Sea Horses and Clown Fishes.

  EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY live ornamental fish.  
WIDEST SELECTION of ornamental fish.
LOWEST DOA dead on arrival percentage.
BEST PACKING quantity per box.
BEST FILL RATE on orders.
The BEST PRICE from Sri Lanka.
A DELIGHTED CUSTOMER who will always come back for more.