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Miracle Pets

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Our fresh water fish range is dominated by Guppies. We have many breeding and growing centers located around the Island country and 1-5 varieties of guppies are bred and grown in each individual center, enabling us to closely monitor the unit and contain any outbreak of disease. Currently we offer over 100 varieties of guppies and new varieties are always introduced to this range.

We have fish farms to produce live bearers such as Swordtails, Platys and Molly's which are located in the most favorable climatic conditions for these fish. These centers are fully equipped and managed by experienced personal. We also have high quality goldfish and koi's on offer.

All other fresh water fish including egg layer varieties are purchased through a cottage breeding system which are managed by experienced breeders who maintains our quality standards from breeding to growing.

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We are very strong in the marine fish business as well. We have dedicated suppliers and divers to ensure quality marine live stock throughout the year. Sri Lanka has two main seasons for marine fish and during these seasons we always ensure our customers with the widest variety and best quality fishes through our supplier network. Apart from the Sri Lankan marine fish we also offer marine fish from the Maldivian Islands and the Red Sea with weekly imports. Currently we are in the process of breeding selected marine fish species for the sustainability of the industry.

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We also offer the highest quality Aquatic Plants from Sri Lanka and many varieties are offered at competitive prices.

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This interesting and innovative fish keeping NANO aquarium brings the underwater world into your home or office without the need for large tanks or expensive equipment. Combining creativity with expertise, this truly unique product is a complete mini aquarium which takes fish keeping in to another level. Small enough to fit on a desk and styled for maximum visual effect, each aquarium is fully equipped to create a unique environment for fish, shrimps or exotic plants. Easy to look after, with low operating costs and minimum space required, all you need to do now is choose which one!

  EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY live ornamental fish.  
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LOWEST DOA dead on arrival percentage.
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